University Ombuds

About Us

The Ombuds Office is here to support faculty, staff, graduate students, medical students, and postdoctoral scholars who face issues or conflicts arising from or affecting their work, life, or study at Brown.

The Ombuds Office follows its Guiding Principles, is laser-focused on its Mission, and provides a host of conflict management related services. Additionally, the Ombuds Office is a voluntary program. No one is required to use the Ombuds Office, but if they do, they will be understood to have agreed to abide by the Guiding Principles, including not calling the University Ombuds to testify with respect to confidential communications. Moreover, as a matter of policy, Brown does not call on the University Ombuds to disclose confidential communications or to serve as a witness.

The mission of the Ombuds Office is to help foster and support a respectful, ethical, and equitable working, learning, and living environment for the diverse members of the Brown community.
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The University Ombuds has skill and experience in conflict resolution, conflict coaching, facilitation, informal mediation, negotiation, and training. The Ombuds Office offers a confidential, informal, neutral, and independent place to have a quiet conversation, work out how to navigate a situation or the organization, or manage and solve conflicts/concerns.

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