University Ombuds

Informal Mediation

The Ombuds Office offers informal mediation between two or more parties in a conflict. Informal mediation through the Ombuds Office is confidential and informal, making it a safe space to try to work out disputes before or instead of moving to formal and less confidential processes.

Informal mediation is only possible when all parties to the mediation voluntarily agree to engage in the process. The informal mediation process is intended to help the parties better understand each other’s viewpoints, develop options, and articulate some informal agreed upon guidelines regarding how best to move forward. As the mediator, the University Ombuds is neutral and does not adjudicate, decision-make, advocate, or determine the outcome of the mediation. Rather, the role of the University Ombuds is to facilitate communication and mutually satisfactory outcomes between the parties.

The Ombuds Office provides facilitation services to assist groups in managing conversations.
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Sometimes parties to a conflict are unwilling or unable to meet in person or speak directly to one another.
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